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Video: Jason Horton Says, 'We're Starting to Have a Little More Fun'

Learning to become a truck driver isn’t all work and no play. In the photo above that was taken on Day 9 of CDL or Bust, Jason Horton isn’t trying to tell instructor/umpire Bob Cross that the runner is safe at third base.

“It looks like we’re talking about parallel parking and how to get [the truck] in there the right way,” Horton explained.

Day 10: Sept. 2, 2016

What is Jason Horton (left) doing in this photo???

He's out there on the Truck America Training practice range on Thursday with two of his classmates, Wayne Meenach and Teddy Flener Jr., and instructor Bob Cross (right). 

Video: Russell Durgasingh Still Has One Aspect to Get in Gear

Learning to drive a truck has been a major shift for CDL or Bust student Russell Durgasingh. Literally.

“I need to work on my downshifting,” said the 45-year-old Durgasingh, a former boxer, mixed martial arts contestant, car salesman, factory worker and medical shuttle driver. “It’s a lot different than cars. I got my regular license in a stick [-shift]. It almost hurts you in a way, knowing how to drive a stick in a car. It’s hard to relearn.”

Video: Things Break Sometimes, Joey Wilson Learns on First Road Trip

Joey Wilson Jr. was excited to get behind the wheel of a big rig on the highway for the first time Aug. 31 as our CDL or Bust class reached Day 8, the halfway point of preparations for their CDL exams Sept. 14 or 15.

Wilson did get on the road, but he also spent an unanticipated hour at a fuel station in Bardstown, Kentucky, 21 miles from Truck America Training’s facility one county over in Shepherdsville.

Day 8: Aug. 31, 2016

Get your motor runnin'
Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way


Born to be wild

Those "Born to Be Wild" lyrics might not have had truckers in mind, but they seem appropo today as our seven CDL or Bust students are expected to venture off the practice range and head out on the highway for the first time.

Jason Horton Is More Than Willing to Give His Classmates Pointers

Unlike CDL or Bust classmates Russell Durgasingh and Teddy Flener, Jr., Jason Horton wasn’t an athlete. However, the 29-year-old Louisville native is certainly a team player.

Horton was the only one of the seven students in our class at Truck America Training in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, who didn’t have to take the Class A permit written exam last week. That’s because Horton has been delivering uniforms in a box truck and had passed that test. But Horton was there for Durgasingh and Flener after they came up short on the exam on Day 4.

Wayne Meenach Watches Out for Pitfalls, Whether It's a Permit Test or Backing Maneuver

Although he has never driven a truck professionally and hadn’t taken a test that mattered in three decades, Wayne Meenach sailed through all three sections of the Class A commercial driver license permit exam on Day 4 of our CDL or Bust series.

“Of course, I was nervous, but I concentrated on the questions, read through ’em slowly … went through all my choices and made the best choice,” the 48-year-old Meenach explained during a Day 7 chat. “I was pretty excited [when I passed]. We worked hard on it. We studied hard and it all paid off.”