Video: Let’s Get On With It, Says Joey Wilson Jr.

After more than three weeks of 10-hour days, Joey Wilson Jr. is anxious for his CDL exam on Thursday and to begin a truck-driving career.

“I guess, trying to get everything over with,” he said when asked what’s on his mind heading into the final week. “It’s been a little bit hectic, frustrating.”

Wilson and his six CDL or Bust classmates have one more course day on Tuesday, practicing on the range at Truck America Training in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, and on the actual testing course near the Kentucky State Fairgrounds in Louisville. While the repetition and practice help burn information into the brain, they also contribute to monotony, and Wilson would recommend a slight alteration to the course schedule to address that.

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“Shorter hours, lengthen it out a little bit, couple extra days,” he said. He’d like it better if the school “broke it back down to eight hours instead of 10.”

On top of that, there’s suddenly a traffic jam on campus. In addition to the seven CDL or Bust students, a class that started Sept. 6 is now out on the range this week, as are a handful of others who are prepping to re-take their CDL exam.

“[There’s] kind of a big group of people having to be on the range today because of all the people who failed their test and they’re retesting right now,” Wilson said. “[It’s] kinda hard to have that many people in one truck or just two trucks.”

If his performance on “CDL or Bust Trivia” is any indication (see the video below), Wilson should do just fine on the CDL exam. Pre-trip inspection remains his focus. “[There are] just certain things I know I need to get the wording right, for whenever the testers have us do it,” Wilson said.

--By Gary Kicinski, Transport Topics Digital Media Editor. Photo by John Sommers II for TT.