Video: Anna Basham Is Running on All Cylinders

As August rolled into September on Day 9 for our CDL or Bust class, Anna Basham was in a good place. A week earlier, the former school bus driver had aced her written exam that allowed her to work hard on learning to pilot a tractor-trailer.
“I did much better than I did yesterday,” Basham said during Thursday’s lunch break. 
Instructor Ed Stephens agreed.

VIDEO: Russell, Anna go on a truck walkaround. 

“I had Anna out on the road this morning [and she has] done an excellent job,” he said.
Basham said she was also becoming more efficient at checking off all the pre-trip inspection items before climbing behind the wheel.
“The way we’ve been doing it, [classmate] Russell [Durgasingh] will do a part and I’ll watch the paper to make sure he gets it all,” she said. “If he messes up, I give him a hand or tell him if he don’t remember it all. [And vice-versa]. We learn it better that way, I think.”
The 50-year-old Basham, a widowed mother of three and grandmother of seven, will have somebody else missing her if, as she plans, she hits the road for weeks once she earns her CDL and gets a job as a longhaul driver. She has a Chihuahua at home. The dog’s name is TT.
It’s pure coincidence TT is also shorthand for Transport Topics. Really.
-By David Elfin, Transport Topics staff reporter. Photo by John Sommers II for TT (the media outlet, not the dog…)