Test Day 2: Four More Students Take Their Turn

The first day of CDL exams for Transport Topics’ CDL or Bust students didn’t go nearly as well as hoped.

First, Teddy Flener Jr., the 25-year-old baby of the class, kept the engine running too long during the pre-trip portion of the test, causing him to fail before he even had a chance to move the truck on the course adjacent to the State Fairgrounds in Louisville, Kentucky.

Next, after Russell Durgasingh, 45, overcame his jitters and became the first of the seven students from Truck America Training to earn his Class A CDL, 50-year-old Anna Basham, the only woman in the class, did what Durgasingh feared: struggling badly with parallel parking the big rig and following Flener in failing.

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Today, Jason Horton, Wayne Meenach, Ryan Strange and Joey Wilson Jr., who mobbed the smiling Durgasingh afterwards yesterday in the TAT lunch room in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, get their turns with state examiner Evan Harrod.

Horton joked that he hoped some of Durgasingh’s magic rubs off on him. Of course, as we’ve learned through nearly three weeks with this class, it’s not luck that makes the difference. It’s a combination of hard work, attention to detail and the ability to beat back the understandable nerves that spells success.

— By David Elfin, Transport Topics staff reporter; photo by John Sommers II for TT