Day 9: Sept. 1, 2016

The calendar turns to September and our CDL or Bust class makes the turn in its 16-day training class as we hit Day 9. So let's pause to summarize what's ahead in the coming days, shall we?

Today and for the next four or five class days (there's no school on Labor Day), the students will go through the same routine. Splitting into two groups, one group will go out on the road with an instructor in the morning, while the other group stays on the range to work on backing maneuvers, shifting and parallel parking. After lunch, the groups swap assignments. The end of the day offers time to practice pre-trip inspections.

Days 15 and 16 are anticipated to be exam practice days, where students will visit the State Fairgrounds to rehearse the state police exam that they will take in two groups: Sept. 14 for Anna Basham, Russell Durgasingh and Teddy Flener Jr. and Sept. 15 for Jason Horton, Wayne Meenach, Ryan Strange and Joey Wilson Jr. 

Those who pass, graduate. Those who don't are usually offered a chance to retake the exam.

In case you missed any of our Day 8 coverage, check out our interviews with Ryan Strange and Joey Wilson Jr., our updated photo gallery and our video that gives a great feel for what the students do on the range

Today we anticipate chatting with Anna Basham and Russell Durgasingh on their lunch breaks, so check back for those interviews later in the day!

- Photo by John Sommers II for Transport Topics