Day 4: Aug. 25, 2016

Day 4 is an important day in the process of earning a commercial driver license at Truck America Training school, as this is the day students head out to take permit tests that will allow them to take big rigs out on the road next week with an instructor beside them.

Bob Cross, the TAT instructor for the CDL or Bust class through Friday, says the students need a score of at least 80% on the 90-question multiple-choice test, administered by the students' county of residence. 

But he says they are well-prepared for the exam, which is about half general knowledge and half air brakes and combination vehicles, topics that were covered in class earlier this week.

PHOTO GALLERY: Photos of students, classroom and training property. 

The class is also expecting a visit from Jet Express President Kevin Burch at 11 a.m. The talk from Burch, who is also first vice chairman of American Trucking Associations, can be seen via Class Cam, and for this particular appearance, we'll be turning on the microphone for Class Cam so you can hear Burch as well. 

Time permitting, the class will also delve into map and trip planning, as well as pre-trip inspections. 

Students Wayne Meenach and Ryan Strange are scheduled to speak to Transport Topics reporter David Elfin via Skype in the afternoon, and those video interviews will be posted on late in the day. 

Photo of instructor Bob Cross conferring with student Joey Wilson Jr. by John Sommers II for Transport Topics