Day 10: Sept. 2, 2016

What is Jason Horton (left) doing in this photo???

He's out there on the Truck America Training practice range on Thursday with two of his classmates, Wayne Meenach and Teddy Flener Jr., and instructor Bob Cross (right). 

We'll try to ask that question of Horton today when we talk to him and Flener in separate interviews while students are on their Day 10 lunch break. The plan for the day is again to break the class into two groups, with one group going out on the highway and one group staying behind on TAT's 20-acre practice grounds, working on backing, parallel parking, shifting and pre-trip inspections. After lunch the groups swap tasks.

Take a look back at our Day 9 coverage while you're here: Updates from Anna Basham and Russell Durgasingh and a video showing things to check on your truck during an exterior walkaround. 

- Photo by John Sommers II for Transport Topics