Buckled up for Day 2: Same seats

All seven students – Anna, Jason, Joey, Russell, Ryan, Teddy and Wayne – returned for Day 2 of truck driving school at Truck America Training.

Today’s topics are air brakes, clutches and combination vehicles, but as was the case when we were studying history, math and science, everyone took the same seats they occupied on Day 1. In fact, the four guys wearing baseball caps yesterday did so again today. And Anna’s sporting a blue UK T-shirt again.

Instructor Ann Wooldridge started the morning explaining how air brakes work and then told the students that when they take their permit tests on Aug. 25, they’ll have to be familiar with five parts of the braking system: air line hoses, chambers, slack adjusters, pads and drums.

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Wooldridge then discussed the four-point brake check, which really includes six points.

 “This is really important,” she said. “If you mess that up in any way, automatic fail.”

Wooldridge also explained the brake lines: red (emergency/supply) and blue (service/control). She also told the students to use the parking brakes except in freezing weather and in case there’s smoke coming from their vehicle.

Next she handed out the pre-trip manuals, which will be the students’ basic handbook for the next two weeks.

“Try to get out of [depending on] it as soon as you can,” she advised. “By your senior week [which starts Sept. 12], I hope you’re standing out there without the paper in your hand.”

Wooldridge then detailed what the students will be doing when they get behind the wheel of a big rig for the first time next Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 29 and 30, on TAT’s practice oval and on the road.

By David Elfin, Transport Topics staff reporter. Photo by John Sommers II for TT.